"How To Apply Graphics" - Lift and Lay Method

Tools Needed:

Scissors, X-acto Knife with new blade, 3/4" roll masking tape, small tape measure, wet application fluid (Rapid Tac or Homemade Recipe shown below). See our "Graphics Accessories" page for all the Tools you need.

Homemade Wet Application Recipe:

8-ounce spray bottle, filled with water, 1 drop liquid hand soap (it's milder than dish soap), and 1/2 teaspoon of Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol); as an alternative to this wet application mix, you can use a professional installation liquid, such as Rapid Tac.

Installation Temperature:

The best temperature for installing vinyl motorcycle graphics is 70 degrees. Don't do it in the 80s or 90s - that's too hot.

Prepare Your Surface:

Clean all of the surfaces where you'll be applying the motorcycle graphics. Use Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a clean, lint free, soft rag or towel. Use caution with the alcohol around plastic parts, such as tail light lens. Make sure all surface areas you'll be applying your graphics are completely free of any oil, grease, or wax, before you apply your graphics.

Choose the order of installation:

Decide which graphics you'll apply first. Never install the front fender graphic first, as the front fender has the greatest compound curves that you'll need to conform to. Leave it for last after gaining experience on the flatter areas of the bike.

Separate Graphics:

Separate all of the motorcycle graphics by cutting them with scissors (i.e. tank graphics, fender graphics, etc.).

Remove the white vinyl areas:

Take off the white vinyl areas that are not part of the graphics.

Remove Graphics From Graphic Backing:

Carefully remove the graphics from backing by sliding the tip of an X-acto knife blade under the graphic. Slowly lift as you spray application fluid on the sticky side of graphics.

Wet The Glue Area:

Wet the area where you'll be applying the graphic, and wet the glue area on the back of the graphic (you might need a helper for this).

Position The Graphic:

Position the graphic on the surface where you want to apply it, and smooth it out using your thumbs and / or squeegee. You can reposition the graphic or parts of the graphic, as long as it's still wet. If you need to, reapply liquid. Keep your project wet until it's ready to set in place.

Remove Liquid And Air:

Remove as much air and liquid as possible, using your thumbs or a squeegee. Never use a squeegee directly on the graphic itself, or you could damage the clear laminate vinyl top of the graphic. Instead, use the slick side of the (left over) graphic liner backing for any squeegee process. When your project is complete let stand in warm sunshine (if possible, if not use hair dryer or heat gun, both on low setting).

Cure Time:

Let the graphics cure for at least 24 hours and keep dry for 72 hours. Wait a minumum of 72 hours before washing. 3 weeks cure time before applying any polish. Test all polishes on the Eagle Graphic (supplied free with all orders). Some polishes can dull and damage the high gloss clear vinyl laminate on the face.

Applying Pinstriping:

The matching pin stripe kit that's included in some of the motorcycle graphics kits can be applied "dry".

Applying Large Graphic Projects:

For first timers of graphic application of larger graphic projects, you'll want to get help and /or use an installer with experience. We recommend body shops, vinyl graphic sign companies, or window tinting companies.

Caring For Your Motorcycle Graphics:

Don't wash the graphics (or in winter time applications, freeze) for 72 hours.

Never buff the graphics with a dry towel, and never use a dry towel against the flame tips or design edges.

After three weeks of cure time, you can apply liquid polish. Test all polishes on the Eagle Graphic (supplied free with all orders). Some polishes can dull and damage the face of the high gloss clear vinyl laminate. The best polishes are Meguiar's or Mother's. For spray type polishes do not spray polish directly on graphics. Spray polish on towel and then apply to graphics and bike paint areas. Avoid old type carnuba paste wax.

Removing Motorcycle Graphics:

Our graphics have a permanent adhesive, but they're made to be removable and won't harm or stain the paint job on your motorcycle. If you're ready for a new look and want to remove our motorcycle graphics, here's how you do it.

Heat the graphics in the sun, if possible. If you use a heat gun or hair dryer (on lowest setting), use caution around the gas tank and gas lines.

Use the face of you finger to remove the tip of the graphic, taking care not to harm your paint. Pull the graphic up slowly and carefully. Heat it, if necessary.

To remove any remaining glue, use mineral spirits or 3M (spray) Citrus Cleaner. Again, use caution around all plastic parts using these materials.